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I am not one too show vulnerability or weakness.. I'd rather hold on to my pride vs asking for help. When I first got sick with this rare disease in some doctors eyes, it sounded like it was treatable & I'd bounce back in no time. Everyday is a struggle, I went from a hard working single mom balancing kids, work & a disease that I thought I could handle. It started out simple enough with a kidney stone here & there.. Then they became more frequent & was struggling with the kidney pain, along with the surgeries to have them removed. Then my gall bladder had to be removed because of sludge that caused constant pain outside of the kidney stones that I was already dealing with. Once I bounced around to a few doctors & lots of lab work, scans, endoscopy I was finally diagnosed with PARATHYROID DISEASE or what docs call Primary Hyperparathyroidism in which I had never heard of PARATHYROID before or even knew what they were. Come to find out no one had ever heard the term that I had talked too & I would constantly get corrected saying I meant thyroid. Well sorry but we ALL have 4 in rare cases 5 PARATHYROID glands & they have nothing to do with your thyroid.
Its a crazy crazy disease & what doctors thought would be a quick in & out surgery's for the cure...turned in a NIGHTMARE for me. I had my first surgery Dec 2011, 4 months later April 2012 another I struggle thru a few years bouncing between neurologist, GI, Endocrinologist, Ears Nose n Throat, Spine Clinic, Orthopedic etc I sought out help on FB & researched my disease to see what I can do to get cured & move on with life... I found a doctor who was interested in my case who had experience with PARATHYROIDS, signed over my health/medical charts & he stated I needed a surgery ASAP because I had another tumor. Was overcome with dread finding out I had another tumor but I pulled up my big girl panties & with the help from family & friends, they raised just enuf money to go down to AL & have the surgery Nov 2015. Once home I was reassured that it'd take my body some time to adjust not having the tumor & I'd gradually start to feel better. After a couple months I knew something was wrong & once the lab work came back it was undeniably showing there is another tumor. I seriously don't know how my h longer I can hold my big girl panties up .. Fighting so hard yet I feel I'm losing the battle. I struggle trying to keep things normal at home but when your unable to work things like kids milk break $160/yr, keeping up with snacks for school 2x/day plus after school, toilet paper, laundry soap, shampoo/conditioner, body soap, etc Rent, gas for appts, kids school activities, clothes, shoes, grocery shopping & winter clothes/boots etc ... I can't keep up, I don't know what to do. I've been to salvation army & to show my gratitude the kids & I took time out to rang the bell a couple times. Its not the money I need, well I do but I'd rather have the necessities we all need on a daily basis.
Now that doctors know I have another tumor & I've already had 3 surgeries, my case is extremely sensitive & specialized that they recommend Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. I have North Dakota medical assistance which doesn't want to pay for the care I need out of state. My endo is doing what he can to get it approved in which my ins has denied it 4 times. Exhausting & Depressing knowing how sick I am to where I rarely leave home. I want my life back so desperately & I am doing everything I can to regain my health but its so hard battling something bigger than you & trying to stay afloat.
If anyone can donate things like toilet paper, soap, laundry soap etc it can be delivered or mailed to
Julies Radio Ranch
2790 5th Ave S
Fargo ND 58103
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