Bear Bait

Honey to use for bear bait -

Hundreds of pounds of aged honey for baiting bears.
In various size containers but mainly 2, 4 and 5 pound glass jars.
These containers are the less desirable ones of the bunch.
Which means this honey is lower priced than the honey in the nicer jars.
The honey was bottled approximately 25 to 35 years ago.
Honey doesn't spoil with age when properly contained, sealed and stored.
However, it does get darker looking and stronger tasting with age.
The honey was heated up before being bottled many years ago.
Most contains some buckwheat which makes it stronger tasting and darker looking.
Roughly 75% of the honey in each jar is crystallized and 25% is liquid.
Honey can be decrystallized by heating it up for a period of time.
Wikipedia says crystallized honey can be liquefied from 104 to 122 F depending on the kind of honey.
I've eaten many jars of the honey and lived to tell about it.
I remember the top portion of a jar or two tasted a little funny.
The majority of the jars I've eaten seemed to be OK but definitely wasn't as tasty as fresh honey.
This honey is not for human consumption, not for bee feed, not for resale and is sold as is.


HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) -

HMF forms when honey is heated and when it ages.
Baking and cooking sugary foods that have added sugar or have natural sugar increases the HMF in them.
Breads, cereals and dried fruits contain HMF.
HMF is found in other foods.
HMF is supposed to be bad and good.
I don't know how much HMF is in the honey or if it's at an unacceptable level.
This probably is not a concern since it will be used for bear bait.
My understanding and opinion is a little unclear.
Is HMF bad? Is HMF good? Is HMF OK?
You can decide what to think.


The graphic in figure 3 is interesting.




Location -

It's located in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
Interstate 94 is about 25 miles southwest of here and Minnesota Highway 210 is near by.
If you're faraway there's a possibility I could have someone deliver it or meet you part way.


Misc -

1 gallon of honey = about 12 pounds.
5 gallons x 12 pounds = 60 pounds.
I've heard that it's unlawful to use liquid honey for bear bait in Wisconsin.
Keep bait stations that use honey far away from known bee hives.
Feeding honey to bees could transmit American foulbrood which is a bee disease.
Feeding aged honey or honey that has been heated to bees could cause them to get dysentery.
This honey is not for human consumption, not for bee feed, not for resale and is sold as is.
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