Old Empty Honey Glass Jars

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Old empty honey glass jars -

Roughly 100 to 150 empty glass jars with metal lids that used to contain 3 pounds of honey.
I'm guessing the jars are somewhere in the range of 45 to 60 years old.
It looks like the glass jar maker is Hazel Atlas.
My late father was a beekeeper who kept bee hives in Minnesota year around.
I'm guessing he emptied the jars many years ago and they still contain some honey residue.
The honey can be easily removed my soaking and rinsing with water.
I think the labels are attached with water soluble glue.
Soak in water to remove the labels or leave them on if you collect beekeeping and / or honey related items.


Caps and lids -

I'm not sure of the exact size of the metal lids.
See pictures for measurements in centimeters and inches.
The lid in the pictures didn't come off the jar it's a new old one.
If reusing the jars the lids should be replaced with new ones.
New lids could possibly be found from these businesses.

Betterbee -

Dadant -

Mann Lake LTD -


Note about the jars -

I've heard that it's unlawful to refill and resell containers in Minnesota.
I haven't been able to verify this and don't know about other states.
The jars were emptied out many years ago but I'm guessing they were never sold to the end consumer so I don't know if that counts or not when concerning the refilling and reselling of them.
If reusing the jars they should be washed out, labels removed and the seals and lids replaced with new ones.


Location -

They're located in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.
Interstate 94 is about 25 miles southwest of here and Minnesota Highway 210 is near by.
If you're faraway there's a possibility I could have someone deliver them or meet you part way.
Maybe you're a beekeeper passing by here to pick up some beekeeping equipment and supplies from Mann Lake LTD in Hackensack MN which is about 75 miles northeast of here.


Purchasing -

The glass jars are sold as is.
There is no minimum quantity limit.
To contact me use the Craigslist email relay system.

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