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Hello! I am looking for a hedge hog as a loving pet for my boyfriend and his three daughters. I, myself, have owned 2 hogs before and have experience with them. The girls have wanted one and are old enough to help take on the responsibility of caring for one. I dont have any of my old supplies from my last too. I will obviously pick up more supplies but if you have any supplies that you could part with, with the hedge hog that'd be great! I'm not picky on the gender or age. Just looking for a friendly hedgehog. I dont want to pay too much. I'm kind of looking for a "free to a good home" situation or something cheap. The hog would have a very loving home with us! This is meant to be a christmas present for the girls if you could coordinate with that, otherwise I can pick up the hedgehog and have it stay with my sister until christmas. Shes also experienced and her husband has a hedgehog himself. They wouldn't share any housing although to avoid stress. Please let me know if you can help make your pet hedgehog a new part of our family!
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