làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích *** Nice Fish House *** - $525 (detroit lakes) ẩn bài đăng này hiện

Nice fish house ready to go fishing.
Made of wood, not canvas.
About 6' x 6'- Nice size and easy to move around.
Has 2 holes, but can add a 3rd if you wish.
On skids- easy to move around with only 1-2 people. Easy to load/unload.
Carpeted floor
Propane heater installed.
Lockable propane tank storage on outside of house.
Wired- just hook up your battery and you have working lights
Lights installed
Seating bench that holds battery
Hanging shelf
2 reels installed
2 windows for light with sliding wood covers for security

$525.00 cash and carry

Thanks for looking
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